Joomla Community Magazine - September 2018 Issue
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  • Vanius Girodo: primeiro certificado no Brasil
    Durante o recente Joomla Day Brasil, ocorreu a primeira certificação Joomla na América Latina. Vanius Girodo é o primeiro brasileiro a passar no exame e a JCM conversou com ele para saber mais detalhes de sua experiência.

  • Soundtrack for Joomla Volunteering Mode
    This story is about volunteering for Joomla and one of our volunteer's favourite bands.  If someone had come to me 13 years ago and asked me to be part of a software project distributed for free, with no salary for employees, I would have laughed and walked away. Now, 12 years into the Joomla project I find myself volunteering more and getting more excited about the future of Joomla.

  • Joomla Day Brasil 2018 Recap
    After a few years of absence, Joomla Day Brazil has returned in 2018. The event took place in the city of Guarulhos and was organized by JUG São Paulo and offered a diversity in the program that reflected how diverse the Joomla community is.

  • Vanius Girodo: first Joomla certified in Brazil
    During the recent Joomla Day Brazil, the first Joomla certification in Latin America occurred. Vanius Girodo is the first Brazilian to pass the exam and JCM talked to him to know more details of his experience.

  • JCM wants you!
    Joomla Community Magazine is looking for new contributors. From now on we will focus on improving the publication and reach out to the our community out there. Join us!